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What makes Bahnstadt special?

Quotes about Bahnstadt

Bahnstadt brings together many international companies and organizations for the purposes of research and development. They value the benefits of this top location, as do investors and academics.

“It’s very important that research companies and institutes carry out their work at the right location. A district like Bahnstadt is just perfect for us.”
Dr. Martin Raditsch, CEO of InnovationLab GmbH

“Heidelberg is known in particular for its knowledge-intensive companies. These benefit from their proximity to many universities and non-university research institutes. The interplay between the worlds of science, business and everyday living that has existed in the historic old town for centuries is now being rediscovered by modern-day urban development, research and industry.”
Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, Mayor of the City of Heidelberg

“We have to keep moving forwards, steadily and with confidence. Heidelberg exemplifies this perfectly. That’s why Heidelberg is a very unique and future-oriented location. Our vision has been justified. With SkyLabs our aim was to design a building that not only created the technical conditions for innovation, but with its openness and flexibility also offered space for entrepreneurial spirit. We are now continuing this approach with SkyAngle. Almost anything is possible here. Heidelberg and the Bahnstadt district are the ideal location for this. Here tradition and innovation go hand in hand.”
Dr. Henry Jarecki, founder of the Max-Jarecki Foundation

“With its technology park, Heidelberg was already one of the pioneers of knowledge-based location development in the 1980s, particularly in the field of biotechnology. With Bahnstadt and the additional redevelopment areas, we now have an opportunity to combine the knowledge-based economy with urban qualities and in so doing promote new technological fields such as organic electronics.”
Daniel Zwicker-Schwarm of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (DIfU)

“Our geographical location is already very good and has just got even better thanks to this. Having direct access to rail links is seen as really positive by our staff and customers.”
Dr. Thomas Pultar, CEO of BIOMEVA GmbH, on the opening of a new line linking the main railway station and Bahnstadt