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Research facilities on the doorstep

Heidelberg Technology Park

Several biotech and high-tech companies conduct research and development activities in close proximity to one another on the Bahnstadt Campus. The Bahnstadt Campus is already home to five research-oriented biotech companies – InnovationLab GmbH, Glycotope Biotechnology GmbH, Orpegen Pharma GmbH, Biopharm GmbH and Biomeva GmbH. On an area covering around 2.7 hectares, they are together planning investments totaling tens of millions of euros.

Heidelberg Technology Park was established in 1985 and comprises five locations in the city. The park creates effective synergies thanks to the cooperation between major research facilities and international companies. The technology park is therefore a knowledge society in which science finds its field of experimentation in business and research gains entirely new perspectives through international cooperation.

“With its technology park, Heidelberg was already one of the pioneers of knowledge-based location development in the 1980s, particularly for biotechnology. With Bahnstadt and the additional conversion areas, we now have an opportunity to combine the knowledge-based economy with urban qualities and in so doing promote new technological fields such as organic electronics,” says Daniel Zwicker-Schwarm of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (DIfU) in Berlin.