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A meeting place for the Bahnstadt community

B³ community center

Function room in B³ community center (Photo: Buck)

B³ – a 3-in-1 center for education, daycare and the community. With its central location at Gadamerplatz, B³ is a meeting point for Bahnstadt residents of all ages. The first two elements of B³, the daycare center for the youngest members of the community and the elementary school, went into service in 2017. The third element, the community center, has been open to all Bahnstadt residents since January 2018.

The community center is operated by the Bahnstadt residents’ association, which also manages room reservations. A public café encourages visitors to stay and chat. By combining a school with a sports hall and refectory, a daycare and community center, the B³ building complex creates not just a unique and pioneering concept for Heidelberg; it is also a model project for the entire region.

A venue for social events, sports activities and meetings

The new B³ center offers rooms of various sizes, each equipped for a specific purpose.

The 135-square-meter events hall has space to accommodate around 200 people. The hall has a cloakroom and a stage, with all the technology required for concerts, cabaret, theater, lectures and much more besides.

In addition, the B³ building complex provides four multipurpose rooms. The rooms are between 30 and 60 square meters in size and offer plenty of space for sports activities, children’s birthday parties, company meetings etc. There is also a kitchenette for small-scale catering events.

Special rental conditions apply for Bahnstadt residents. Find out more at www.bahnstadtverein.de/b3