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Bahnstadt at a glance

Interesting facts

Bahnstadt may be Heidelberg’s newest district – but it already has a significant story to tell. And no wonder, because the concept behind the Bahnstadt project is spectacular: To create jobs and accommodation for 10,000 people in the very heart of the romantic city on the River Neckar, on what was once derelict land. A new district is emerging. As one of the biggest urban development projects in Germany and the largest passive house settlement in the world, Bahnstadt has a beacon effect which extends well beyond Germany’s borders. The following pages contain the key facts, figures and data surrounding Bahnstadt and its development. You will also find interesting reports about the new district.


Langer Anger (Photo: Stadt Heidelberg)

Fit for the future: Bahnstadt is a model for urban developers worldwide.

Discover in our Bahnstadt portrait what makes the district so unique and why it is always worth a visit.


Die Bahnstadt - Heidelbergs contribution to the environmental protection (Photo: Dorn)

Great emphasis is placed on sustainability and climate protection in Bahnstadt.

This is reflected in the architectural concept: Heidelberg’s 15th district is the largest passive house settlement in the world.