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Living in Bahnstadt

The Bahnstadt quarter is not only one of the biggest urban development projects in Germany, it is also Heidelberg’s newest district – and soon to be the center of life for 6,800 people.

What makes living in the new quarter such an attractive prospect for them? Bahnstadt’s central location or its close sense of neighborhood? Well-planned infrastructure, innovative design or short distances within the district? It is probably a mix of all these factors that makes Bahnstadt so desirable. And it maintains the tradition of Heidelberg as a European center of academic excellence with a modern approach.

Living and working, research and culture, science and business – all are closely interlinked in Bahnstadt, creating an attractive mix that typifies life in Heidelberg.

B³ community center

B³ (Photo: Buck)

B³ – a 3-in-1 center for education, daycare and the community. With its central location at Gadamerplatz, B³ is a meeting point for Bahnstadt residents of all ages.

The new community center provides spaces of various sizes for social events, sports and meetings.

Child daycare

Kita Schwetzinger Terrasse (Photo: Buck)

Short legs like short distances – no one is ever far away from the nearest child daycare facility in Bahnstadt.

The district boasts several municipal and private child daycare facilities for the youngest members of the community.


New Tram in Bahnstadt (Photo: Buck)

Well connected: Bahnstadt is a convenient starting point for journeys to local, national, and international destinations.

Short distances across the district, cycle paths and access to local and long-distance public transport guarantee maximum mobility.

Sense of community

Playground at Güterhallen (Photo: Stadt Heidelberg)

Hello neighbor! Bahnstadt is an environment that fosters communication, interaction and neighborhood cooperation.

This is demonstrated by the district’s well-filled events calendar and wide range of civic activities.


Elementary school in B³ (Photo: Buck)

Centrally located, the B³ community center houses Bahnstadt’s elementary school.

The city of Heidelberg offers a range of excellent secondary schools for pupils from year 5 onwards.

At home in Bahnstadt

Evening mood in Bahnstadt (Photo: Frelet)

How do we want to live in tomorrow’s world? As a “vision of the future”, the Bahnstadt district already provides many answers.

Individual forms of living, diverse architecture and attractive housing assistance programs create living solutions for every requirement.