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Fun, games and relaxation for all

Leisure activities

Free time? Why not head out into the open? Bahnstadt’s well designed open-space concept encourages visitors to spend time outdoors. The key themes behind the design of the spacious green areas, open spaces and playgrounds are “Bahn” (rail) and “Stadt” (town).

Zollhofgarten - the green heart of Bahnstadt

The green heart of the Bahnstadt district is the Zollhofgarten park. Covering an area of around 7,600 square meters, it provides fun, games and relaxation for all. Sports activities include a climbing wall, a bobby car circuit, a boulodrome and a beach volleyball court. Expansive grassy areas and a giant Hollywood swing invite passers-by to picnic or take a lunchtime nap in the midday sun. The Zollhofgarten playground is the new district’s largest individual playground.

Paths in the Zollhofgarten were inspired by railway tracks and sidings and serve as reminders of the area’s former use as a freight yard.

Zollhofgarten (Photo: Stadt Heidelberg)
playground fire brigade (Photo: Diemer)

Fun and games at various themed playgrounds

The park-like feel of the broad promenade, which marks the district’s southern boundary, attracts Bahnstadt residents and visitors alike to cycle, skate, stroll, or just take a break. Along the promenade, three themed playgrounds are already developing a magnetic appeal for children from across the city. At the ICE playground with its stylized representations of trains in characteristic red and white livery, the visitor encounters the “rail” theme once again. The playground also has a fascinating water feature. With its distinctive red exterior and varied climbing circuits, the fire brigade playground adjacent to Schwetzinger Terrasse has also proved extremely popular with local boys and girls. Of particular note here is the presence of the real fire station directly opposite the playground. The fire brigade playground won first prize in the 2017 German SPIELRAUM awards for playground design. To the west, between Pfaffengrunder and Eppelheimer Terrasse, the farmyard playground offers opportunities for role playing – in keeping with the rural views over neighboring fields.