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Welcome to Bahnstadt, Heidelberg’s newest district!


Here on a site close to Heidelberg’s center, on an area covering 116 hectares, there will be accommodation for around 6,800 people. Up to 6,000 people will work here. That makes Bahnstadt one of the biggest – and most ambitious – urban development projects in Germany. Bahnstadt today is already providing answers to many of tomorrow’s questions: How do we want to live and work together in future? How will we structure an energy supply that is both environmentally friendly and comfortable? How do you design a mobility concept that reconciles the concepts of sustainability and individual flexibility?

People in Bahnstadt (Photo: Buck)
People in Bahnstadt (Photo: Buck)

Vibrant mix of housing, research and business

Bahnstadt takes many fresh approaches while offering much that is familiar. The new district is characterized by a vibrant mix of housing and science, commerce and culture – which is just typical of Heidelberg. This attractive and environmentally well-conceived development, rigorously built to passive house standards, offers high quality of life for all generations and living situations. Distances in Bahnstadt are short – whether to the daycare center or school, to the shops or the cinema. Thanks to the new district’s central location, the city center and other districts are also quick and easy to reach.

In addition to high-quality commercial premises for retail and service companies, Bahnstadt offers excellent conditions on its campus for research and research-oriented companies. It is the perfect environment for future-oriented industries such as life sciences, biotechnology, ICT, energy and environmental sciences.

Passive house standard – for the sake of the climate

With an energy concept that is unique in Germany, Bahnstadt sets new standards in terms of climate protection. All buildings in the district are constructed in compliance with the strict passive house standard. This saves energy costs and is good for their carbon footprint. The district’s heating and power is generated entirely from renewable energy sources.

More Information: Bahnstadt brochure - download here (7.022 MB)